Not Again

Hello, my name is Elissa and I have a chair addiction, and I'm a garbage picker.

Hi Elissa.

Yeah, I did it again. I was driving back to the office yesterday and saw this awesome chair on the side of the road. Of course I pulled over and picked it up. Since I drive a mini, it didn't exactly fit too well, one guy walked by and commented "you need a pick up!" yeah, no kidding. So I drive back to the office with my hatchback open, hoping I don't get pulled over. Luckily I didn't and made it back to the office where I found some rope to tie down the back of my car. It needs work (of course) and my fiance has told me that this project is "all me." -as if I didn't know that.

I have no idea what sort of chair it is since the label from the bottom has been removed- anyone have any ideas? I need to fix or tighten the part that connects the chair itself to the base. Either that or I can only use it in the "reclined" position. I hope it's fixable. It also needs to be reupholstered which is a shame because it's currently a really cool green vinyl that I'll probably never be able to find again. The chair doesn't look to bad, but the footrest is pretty shot.

A friend at work told me my house is going to become the chair house. It's true, I have more chairs than I really have places to put them. I have a pair of butterfly chairs that live in the garage (just the frames, not the slings) because I have no where to put them in the house. There is also an Eames plywood chair in my basement that had been pretty horribly "repaired" by a previous owner ( they drilled bolts through the seat back to reattach it to the frame). Other than that it still looks good, but it's kind of low to the ground and I can't find a good place for it.

Yeah, I have a problem. Are there any cures for it?


Elissa said…
A ha! It's a Mulhauser Plycraft Lounge Chair!

Thanks ebay
Anonymous said…
luck girl with a good eye!
My Owl Barn said…
That chair is gorgeous. Love the color too. I understand your obsession, I am recently been drooling over vintage bottles and tins.
MommaJ said…
Where I live there are never any chairs on the curb that look this good!
Jessica said…
Oh my, you might be my twin. Just found your blog from Renovation Therapy, love it!

And yes I have more chairs than tables or people to sit in them or places to put them. Mostly from the curb like you.

I look forward to reading more.
Bromeliad said…
Continue grabbing chairs and other good stuff. What amazing arms on that thing.
lillie said…
Wow, what an awesome streetside find!! I love the style and the color. Lucky lady!
Lady Ren said…
I am a Toronto native and there is treasure to be found there on the side of the road. Now I live in the middle of the desert and not as much.
Your photo reminds me of Miles Coolidges work- He did a series on photographing trash (but really treasure) on the curb. I met him when I worked at a gallery where he was showing. Awesome guy.
Peggy said…
Hi Elissa, saw your incredible find at sfgirlbybay. I am also a trash addict. The curb has been good to me many times. I have great tables, ottomans, chairs.

And I have no trouble putting something pretty on the curb when I am done with it. Better someone should use than I should hoard it. I like knowing that my piece is going somewhere to be loved.

That said, I would've definately stopped for that set. I am not a fan of the Eames chair we see on every blog, but this one is styled a little differently. I love it. Do you know if it's Eames.

And I adore the green vinyl. I'd probably go low tech on the repair, as long as the sucker is safe and comfy. I'd probably just drape a cute throw on it. The green vinyl, yum.... I could see this in my home. Can't wait to see how you use it!
Hot, hot chair! I've never found anything quite that stylish in the trash. I did find an amazing couch next to a dumpster recently, but by the time I went back to get it, it was raining. Boo hoo!
Hanna said…
My grandma has that chair in black! I'm not sure what it is called, though...

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