Sunday, November 6, 2011

Remember Me?

Remember when I used to blog here even if it was only a couple of times a month?  Yeah, whatever happened to that?  It's been five months already!  I suppose you're wondering what the heck I've been doing (you weren't actually wondering that, but it's my blog so I can imagine you were).  Let's see...  In addition to the three jobs I currently have, we've been doing lots of work in the yard.  Unfortunately I have no pictures to show for it because it has mostly consisted of moving plants around and since it's November, none of them look nice enough to photograph.  We transplanted all of the nice perennials from that flower bed that cut the back yard in half into our tiny front yard and planted grass in the back.  Hopefully in the spring we will have a front yard that looks like a cottage garden and a back yard with enough contiguous open space that you can actually use it!

I've been trying my hand at flower arranging.  Though admittedly that hasn't taken up enough time that I could even think of using it as an excuse for not blogging.  I've been learning a lot from reading the Flowers A-Z column on Design*Sponge. While doing some yard clean up a couple weeks ago, I gathered some clippings from the yard and put together this arrangement.

I'm really happy with how it came out.  Unfortunately it didn't last very long which brings us to the newest addition to our little abode.... KITTY!!!!!

Yes, we adopted a new kitten named Olivia.  She's adorable, a bit of a mush and a little terror around the house.  As you can see she doesn't stay still long enough to take a picture and she doesn't like to leave anything alone including flower arrangements. She is driving our other curmudgeonly cat nuts.

Also, I've been spending way to much time on Pinterest, like way too much time.  You can follow my pins from the button on the top right of my blog.  Also I've started listing links for old house renovation resources in the middle of the right hand column.  I figure some folks may want to know where (besides yard sales) you can find cool stuff for old houses.  I'll keep adding more as I find them.

So, how has everyone else been the last few months?  Is anyone still out there?  Hello?....  Bueller?...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I usually try not to post too many images from other blogs- partly because I figure you've seen them already and partly because figuring out the original source of an image can be a real pain in the a**. This bathroom however, was too awesome not to share with you. It's from a house call over at Apartment Therapy. I love the vintage tile and the wallpaper that arches right over the ceiling, plus the orange robe (?) hanging from the door completes the 1920s color scheme.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Damn you Ikea!

One of the things I had planned on doing in our living room was replacing the tv stand with something with more storage and could blend into the backround a bit better. Since budget is tight as always, I was planning on getting the Lack shelf in white from Ikea so that it could hold all of our electronics and dvds and not compete with the other furniture in the room.

Here's the shelf in Victoria's old apartment from sfgirlbybay

A few weeks ago I noticed that there was an error on the page on the Ikea website. Last week I went down to Ikea and discovered that they had discontinued it and they didn't have any left! I can't believe it! It's one of their classics. Now I'm not sure what I'm going to use instead. I want the look of a low white bench that can run behind whatever chairs I wind up getting for the room, and I'd consider making something but I really don't need another project.

Any ideas?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dining Room

Here's a few spring changes that I've made to our dining room. A few happy tulips on the table,
a branch I brought in after doing some pruning outside,
and a new/old bar cart that I practically killed my hands stripping and repainting over the weekend.
Is it too early for a drink?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Finds

So this weekend I found myself at two of the best estate sales I think I've ever gone to. I say I found myself as if I had no idea of the Saturday morning routine that got us there. Anyway, I got a bunch of paint by number paintings for only $5. There was one more of a seascape, but I gave that one to my aunt for her beach house. The moose (moose!) one is my favorite because it isn't finished so you can still see some of the numbers. I'm not sure where these are going yet, but I'm sure they'll find their way into the rotating art collection in the house. The moose one will probably get stored until next winter since I'm not sure I'll want to look at snowy scenes in the summer (I don't even want to look at the snowy scenes outside my window right now!)

Yes, that is an incredibly large desk lamp, well floor lamp really, but I thought it was too cool to pass up. I'm pretty sure I saw one of these on one of those all white Scandi-blogs recently. The Aalto-esque three legged stool (though it looks two-legged in this picture) was found a another sale. I'm not sure where he will wind up. I have a feeling some major furniture rearranging is going to be happening in the near future.

And yes, I finally found a pair of matching lamps for my office desk. They are shiny, but slightly pitted brass which I'm totally okay with. I like that they show some age. Please ignore the shade, I just grabbed something to see what size will look best. I'm thinking a natural linen drum shade to tie in with the dining room which is connected to the office. They'll wind up costing more than the lamps themselves. Now I really have to get moving with painting the office!

I did get a few other things, an art deco hand mirror, a necklace and an opalescent glass container (which you can see a bit of in the first picture), but they aren't nearly as cool as these. There was also some gardening done this weekend, but now it's snowing so... well... crap.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Headboard Ideas

Here is my crude photoshop job showing what I am thinking for our bedroom. We've needed a head board for a while now, but I've been pretty indecisive on what would work best. I kept hoping I'd stumble across a cool vintage one but so far that hasn't happened. I think an upholstered one would be nice since you can lean against it when reading in bed without fear of having some turned brass spindle making an imprint into the back of your head. I had a hard time finding a fabric I liked- I didn't want a print that would lock me into a look that I may get tired of in a year. I found this woodgrain print which I thought was cute because it's neutral, but has some variation/texture so it's not boring. Plus I thought having a padded headboard that looks like wood was kind of fun.

Here's what it looks like now. I want to remove the shelves above the bed that I constantly bump my head on and reuse one of the pieces of wood to make a shelf up on top of the picture rail. Not for books that we read before bed- obviously that would be a tad inconvenient, but for books that just don't fit on our shelves downstairs. For books that we are actually reading, I want to get those Umbra hidden shelves to use as mini nightstands since we don't have space for real ones. I'm looking for some brass wall mounted reading lights-I found a perfect one at a yard sale, but it was just one, it had no mate. I'll keep searching. Maybe when the yard sales start up again in the spring, I'll find something.

So whaddaya think? Is the woodgrain print cute or cheesy? Any suggestions for (cheap) lamps?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The green is gone!

Finally! I've been sick of the green in our living room since about two days after we painted it- okay maaaybe that's an exaggeration. maybe. This past week we (mostly Chris) painted the living room gray. It's sooo much better. I no longer feel like I'm inside a container of lime sherbet.

I'm still trying to figure out how to style it up. I need to develop that skill. I think what's wrong is that all of my "stuff" is too small. I think I have too much small, cluttery stuff when what I need is less, but more substantial stuff. hmmm. I'm still working on the pillows. I have some fabric to make new covers for a few of them, not sure what to do about the others yet. Suggestions are welcome.
Don't mind the weird hanging light thingy in the corner. I moved the one with the green fiberglass shade into the office and needed something in that corner. I might put a table lamp there if I can find one that doesn't take up the whole table. Or, I was thinking of finding/making a hanging lamp that hangs from the ceiling instead of from the picture rail. I found an electrical supply website that sells vintage looking electrical parts like fabric covered cords and antique brass sockets. That with something cool to use as a shade may be nice too although my mom pointed out that there is a lot of stuff hanging on that side of the room so maybe a table lamp is the way to go.

In other news, a couple of months ago I found a chair down the street from our place that someone was throwing out. The finish wasn't great and the upholstry was nasty, but it was such a cool shape I had to grab it.

I cleaned it up and oiled it and it looks much better. I used some zig zag fabric that I had bought to make pillows for the living room to recover the seat and I love it. Too bad I rarely see it since it's usually covered in clothes. And yes, I did get myself a flokati rug. I've been wanting to get one, well two actually, for the bedroom (the floor is icy cold in the winter), but was afraid to spend more that a few bucks on something so trendy. After Christmas, I went to IKEA's storewide sale hoping to find them on sale and not only were they not on sale, they were ten dollars more than they were on the website! Bummer.
I started looking on craigslist and found someone who was selling two of the real greek ones, not the made in China IKEA ones. She was asking $175 for the larger one and $125 for the smaller. Not happening. I waited and waited and waited and the price came down to $100 for both! Score!

Not much new here except for new sheets and pillow shams. I'm going to use this photo to do a photoshop mock up of what I'd like to do here once we get rid of the awful shelves. Need a headboard and something to use as nightstands. I have some ideas stirring around. Lets see if they look as good in photoshop as they do in my head. Stay tuned!
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