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Voila! (aka Holy Crap I finished a project!)

So we finished a project! And in a reasonable amount of time too! Though not a professionally styled Domino photo shoot, I think this looks pretty decent.  Especially since it's such a gloomy day today and her room is tiny.

Remember how I said I got the bed second hand? Well, apparently since this bed was originally purchased, Ikea has changed the hardware for assembly.  The instructions I had printed off the website were worse than useless.  It took us probably an hour and a half to figure out that they were the problem.  If we knew we were just going to have to figure it out, it would have gone much smoother.  Plus the newer model has all sorts of flexibility in the location of the ladder and headboard that this bed does not.  I now understand why people can go crazy while trying to assemble their furniture.

It's up and she loves it.  Now she has a place to hide and scream "MONSTER!" every time I enter the room. Fun times.

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