Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Love it!

Well the "grandma chic" side of my taste has fallen in love with this adorable crocheted doily rug just blogged about over at Design*Sponge. It is a DIY project and although I'm not looking for any more large crochet projects at the moment, I'll think I'll save this one for later if I am suddenly feeling ambitious. Maybe when I can get my hand on a bathroom like that one with a pedestal sink and hex tiles on the floor.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Almost Done!

We are just about done getting rid of the clutter in the apartment (the basement is another story). There is one last pile near the front door. It mostly consists of books that didn't sell at the yard sale which need to be donated somewhere. I also have a bunch of craft supplies that don't fit in my crafting cabinet. Not simply because there are too many of them, but mostly because they are dimensionally too large to fit without having to be put in diagonally which wastes too much space. I think I'll go through the red basket and relocate some of the sewing supplies in there (which I do far less often) and put them in there instead.
I have ordered a swatch of the mustard wallflower fabric to make sure the color works then I'll be making curtains and cushions! I'm thinking of geting some "fat quarters" (what an odd term!) of the other three and making a runner for the table. My new couch should be coming within the next week, I'm so excited! I think I might make a few new pillow covers for that as well, but I'll wait until after the kitchen stuff is done. Those are bit less urgent.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

More options

I went back to Amy Butler's website and realized that there were a few patterns in colors that actually go with my kitchen. I think I like these better than any of the previous fabrics. I think I will take whichever I pick and make curtains as well. Maybe not the pattern for the entire curtain, but a nice wide 6" or so hem at the bottom of a white curtain. I thought I recognized the mustard wallflower pattern and realized it is the same fabric that Nicole at Making it Lovely used for her kitchen curtains!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Since I'm getting close to being done with the kitchen I need to get around to picking a fabric to cover the cushions on the kitchen chairs- that and ordering the food canisters that I want from BB&B. I have sort of an odd color scheme in the kitchen, I guess I have sort of an odd color scheme everywhere actually. The kitchen is a combination of fifties vintage items mostly accented with red, some bakelite stuff in red, mustard and olive green and the lovely (heavy sarcasm here) mauve 1980's countertop and backsplash that I have been blessed with. I alternate between wanting something darker and brownish to just blend with the wood chair to wanting something really fun since it is a kitchen. I love Amy Butler's patterns (as does everyone else) but her colors never seem to go with mine. Any suggestions?

Progress at last!

Well, after a dance recital two weeks ago and leaving for Austin for a week a couple days later, I fell way behind on my apartment therapy. But this weekend we got a bunch of stuff done. We bought a pot rack and magnetic knife holder from IKEA on Saturday and installed them both on Sunday. We also bought a rack of sorts to store baking sheets and other flat items so that they don't all fall down every time we take something out of the cabinet. Now we can actually manuver around our lower cabinet without having to play pot and pan Jenga! We bought a good quality knife and are getting rid of our old cheapo knife set at my parents yard sale next saturday. (If anyone's around, there's some good stuff to be had). We also took a look at a couch that's on sale at Macy's and as soon as we get the swatch samples in the mail, we'll order that as well too. It's the Corona couch, we're just not sure if we should go with the stone color, cafe noir, or cappuccino which is really more of a light mushroom brown.
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