Almost Done!

We are just about done getting rid of the clutter in the apartment (the basement is another story). There is one last pile near the front door. It mostly consists of books that didn't sell at the yard sale which need to be donated somewhere. I also have a bunch of craft supplies that don't fit in my crafting cabinet. Not simply because there are too many of them, but mostly because they are dimensionally too large to fit without having to be put in diagonally which wastes too much space. I think I'll go through the red basket and relocate some of the sewing supplies in there (which I do far less often) and put them in there instead.
I have ordered a swatch of the mustard wallflower fabric to make sure the color works then I'll be making curtains and cushions! I'm thinking of geting some "fat quarters" (what an odd term!) of the other three and making a runner for the table. My new couch should be coming within the next week, I'm so excited! I think I might make a few new pillow covers for that as well, but I'll wait until after the kitchen stuff is done. Those are bit less urgent.


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