Progress at last!

Well, after a dance recital two weeks ago and leaving for Austin for a week a couple days later, I fell way behind on my apartment therapy. But this weekend we got a bunch of stuff done. We bought a pot rack and magnetic knife holder from IKEA on Saturday and installed them both on Sunday. We also bought a rack of sorts to store baking sheets and other flat items so that they don't all fall down every time we take something out of the cabinet. Now we can actually manuver around our lower cabinet without having to play pot and pan Jenga! We bought a good quality knife and are getting rid of our old cheapo knife set at my parents yard sale next saturday. (If anyone's around, there's some good stuff to be had). We also took a look at a couch that's on sale at Macy's and as soon as we get the swatch samples in the mail, we'll order that as well too. It's the Corona couch, we're just not sure if we should go with the stone color, cafe noir, or cappuccino which is really more of a light mushroom brown.


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