The green is gone!

Finally! I've been sick of the green in our living room since about two days after we painted it- okay maaaybe that's an exaggeration. maybe. This past week we (mostly Chris) painted the living room gray. It's sooo much better. I no longer feel like I'm inside a container of lime sherbet.

I'm still trying to figure out how to style it up. I need to develop that skill. I think what's wrong is that all of my "stuff" is too small. I think I have too much small, cluttery stuff when what I need is less, but more substantial stuff. hmmm. I'm still working on the pillows. I have some fabric to make new covers for a few of them, not sure what to do about the others yet. Suggestions are welcome.
Don't mind the weird hanging light thingy in the corner. I moved the one with the green fiberglass shade into the office and needed something in that corner. I might put a table lamp there if I can find one that doesn't take up the whole table. Or, I was thinking of finding/making a hanging lamp that hangs from the ceiling instead of from the picture rail. I found an electrical supply website that sells vintage looking electrical parts like fabric covered cords and antique brass sockets. That with something cool to use as a shade may be nice too although my mom pointed out that there is a lot of stuff hanging on that side of the room so maybe a table lamp is the way to go.

In other news, a couple of months ago I found a chair down the street from our place that someone was throwing out. The finish wasn't great and the upholstry was nasty, but it was such a cool shape I had to grab it.

I cleaned it up and oiled it and it looks much better. I used some zig zag fabric that I had bought to make pillows for the living room to recover the seat and I love it. Too bad I rarely see it since it's usually covered in clothes. And yes, I did get myself a flokati rug. I've been wanting to get one, well two actually, for the bedroom (the floor is icy cold in the winter), but was afraid to spend more that a few bucks on something so trendy. After Christmas, I went to IKEA's storewide sale hoping to find them on sale and not only were they not on sale, they were ten dollars more than they were on the website! Bummer.
I started looking on craigslist and found someone who was selling two of the real greek ones, not the made in China IKEA ones. She was asking $175 for the larger one and $125 for the smaller. Not happening. I waited and waited and waited and the price came down to $100 for both! Score!

Not much new here except for new sheets and pillow shams. I'm going to use this photo to do a photoshop mock up of what I'd like to do here once we get rid of the awful shelves. Need a headboard and something to use as nightstands. I have some ideas stirring around. Lets see if they look as good in photoshop as they do in my head. Stay tuned!


house things said…
Your living room looks great and you've described perfectly the feeling I have about our BM Guilford Green master bedroom - lime sherbet. What is the new gray color for the living room?
Elissa said…
The color is called Ashwood OC-47by BM, though I got it color matched in Olympic paint from Lowes-no VOCs and a heck of a lot cheaper than BM.
Bromeliad said…
Love the grey. It looks so classy. Also enjoy seeing your "finds" in situ.
Anonymous said…
Just found your blog. I love the colour of your living room, it looks very classy ... :0)

Shirl x
Vintage Hunter said…
The new color looks great!
Carson Grimm said…
Great color choice. Soothing yet not boring.

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