Halloween Yard Sale-ing

I wasn't expecting there to be any, but we found a bunch of yard sales on Halloween! I found these cool brass candlesticks that are sort of glam but look a little spooky in this picture.
I also found a cute little elephant and a vintage train set which isn't quite as photogenic.Of course I couldn't take any photos in the sunny spot of the house without our kitty getting involved. Here she is posing with the candlesticks.

In sadder news, our local thrift store Northern Thrift is closing. I was there yesterday picking up a few last items for my halloween costume and the store was half empty and everything was 50% off. Picked up some shoes for my Little Edie costume and a cute 70s pillowcase for $4 total. I'll post costume pictures later.
I forgot to mention that I had won a contest on Renovation Therapy! Awesome, huh? I hardly ever win stuff. Thanks Jean for the Julia Child book and the adorable little paper cutouts. I'm going to have fun with those!



Is the elephant a ring holder?

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