New Light!

This weekend, in a rare burst of productivity, my parents and I managed to install a new vintage lamp in our foyer. I found it a few months ago at a yard sale and they also had a version in a reddish orange, but I thought the green would go best in our house. It looks vastly better than the hideous industrial looking thing that was there before. There was a fair amount of weird old house wiring stuff to deal with, but I'll spare you the details of that. Next step, scraping all of that flaking paint and picking a paint color.


puck said…
That is really cute! Your house has the same standard-issue trimwork that our house has. It is always fun to point to a picture of another house and say, Oh they have it too!
agirlwrites said…
This is amazing! I love it. Came by via myvintageaddiction

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