Spring Cure Time!

One of my favorite blogs, Apartment Therapy, is having their semi-annual Apartment Therapy Cure! My apartment isn't as sick as it has been before previous cures, but it could definitely use a little purging and spring cleaning. Below is a picture of my home office "after" featured on AT during the last cure.


Aimee said…
That is awesome! I am doing the spring cure (first cure ever actually). Linked to your blog too, can't wait to see what it becomes. :)
Alana in Canada said…
Alternating weeks between the kitchen and the basement would get abit confusing, I think. Perhaps do a one room rememdy for the kitchen and the DT for the basement? Of course, if you're looking to move, the basement doing the basement is brilliant as you really wouldn't want to take a bunch of stuff with you--and there's never, really, any time to sort once you have to pack a whole house (or appartment).
Alana in Canada said…
Sorry for all the typos!

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