Spring Cure Before

Well, I've uploaded my before shots to the Apartment Therapy Cure NY group. You can see them here. I'm afraid to even photo my basement at this point. Most of the apartment isn't too bad. I want to focus mostly on my kitchen and the basement. Although my kitchen looks okay, it's very cold, both literally and figuratively. I don't enjoy spending time in there really. It isn't particularly convenient for cooking (I haven't yet figured out why) and the plastic-y finishes for the floor and counters and the metal table give it a cold feel even if it isn't actually cold. I'm going to look into rearranging furniture and reorganizing/ cleaning out the cabinets. Also, once yard sale season starts (I'm an addict), I'll keep an eye out for a wood table that can help warm up the look of the room. The basement, on the other hand, needs major decluttering. It is the dumping ground for anything we don't have room for up here, plus lots of my boyfriends extra stuff from when he moved his apartment into mine. The rest of the rooms just need a little weeding so I figure any extra time I have during the weeks for those rooms can be spent on the kitchen and basement.


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