I'm behind in my "therapy" already. I seem to always have another project that competes for my time whenever I do a cure. While Saturday was very productive, Sunday was spent going to some open houses and shortening a skirt for an upcoming dance performance. Monday evening I was devoid of energy and last night was spent practicing for the performance (as I will be tonight). Hopefully on Thursday evening I can make some progress on my kitchen. I need to find a better way to store my pots and pans. Right now it's a process just to get them in or out of the cabinet. I'm not wild about the look of hanging pots on the wall since it tends to look cluttered, but I'm not sure what the other options are. I'm sure eliminating some of them will help. I'll see what I can do.


Melissa A. said…
I'm behind too, and tomorrow I'm going away for 5 days. Oh well. I'll have time to read the book anyway. :P
Alana in Canada said…
Not to worry about being behind. You do what you can.

One way to figure out what to keep when it comes to pots and pans: If you use it once a year, but NOTHING else will do, you keep it. (I have a large roaster for this very reason).
You haven't used it in six or more months, then it goes. Anything which needs replacing: that goes.

I have three frying pans, two large pots, a soup pot, a medium pot, a double boiler, and two smaller pots, and an egg poacher, plus a glass pot (for making play-dough). I also have an electric frying pan and two roasters. It sounds like a lot, but I do use them all.
Aimee said…
i'm a bit behind too. i hope to get that "fix one thing yourself" done this weekend, but with the holiday i doubt it will happen.

luckily i am pretty good about keeping my kitchen clean, so there wasn't much to do on that.
in my kitchen
there was an unused towel bar on the end of a row of cabinets at the back made my life so much better when I purchased a few hooks from ikea and hung some pots there...and since they are hung low, they don't seem to overwhelm the space. Would this work for you? do you have an end cabinet or low spot on the wall by your stove where you could hang pots lower than eye level?

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