Photographs vs. Real Life

Many of the design blogs that I read feature quite a bit pf photo-styling lust. Now I will certainly drool over a beautiful interior photo as much as the next girl, but I wonder how much these photo-perfection-fantasy rooms are skewing our perception of actual places? I look around my own house and all I see are things I'd like to change "Why did I pick that green for the living room, it should be a soft gray" or "how can I arrange the magazines on my coffee table to make them seem less cluttered?" because I am constantly comparing it to places I see online. They appear so beautiful that I don't think that my space could ever match up. Sometimes when I take pictures to post here or on flickr, I realize that the green paint does look soft and pretty in photographs. If my own humble little space can be improved by a well taken photograph (on occasion I do accomplish this), how do these spaces that we lust over in photographs actually look? Are they as beautiful and inspiring as we think they are or are they simply nice spaces, but not nearly what we have imagined them to be? What do you think, are we sometimes too hard on ourselves because we cannot attain a level of design perfection that may not really exist in the first place?


Bromeliad said…
Good lighting and a crew of stylists make all the difference.
Anonymous said…
I'm a couple of days late, but I have been wondering the same things lately. And I can relate to your green living room paint colour drama. My livingroom walls are a very vintagey 'mint' green...some days I hate it. Others, it's not so bad.
casacaudill said…
I struggle with the same thing at times. Some days I'll say to myself, "yes, but they have staged this and cleaned this and they don't actually live like that" and other days I'll say "why can't my home ever look this good?!" On the one hand, it's great inspiration but on the other the feelings of inadequacy kinda suck.

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