Dining Room Ramblings

Remember back in October when I found these two paintings at different yard sales? Well they still haven't been hung anywhere because, well I'm indecisive, and I've run out of picture hanging hooks from Rejuvenation. When I saw the picture above on a blog a few weeks ago it got me thinking about hanging them in the dining room and looking for others to add to the collection. Maybe I could even paint one myself! I love how they look like lots of little windows to worlds outside. I was thinking of hanging them on the wall where the mystery plate is hanging, but then I though the sunlight there might wreck them over time. Now I am thinking that I can hang them along side the the window facing east because the sun will never hit them and it will look like little windows surrounding a bigger window. If only there was a local place to buy some more picture hooks.
That last photo just reminded me, I'm still not 100% in love with the dining room fixture. Every time my mom comes over, she mentions that I should get it hardwired in, but I'm still not certain enough about it to commit. Though since it's probably long past any return date, I might as well. I think it's because it's still a bit too matchy-matchy for me. I have a problem. My instincts always lead me towards the matchy-matchy, probably because I am a bit timid and don't feel completely confident in my decorating skills, but I am always attracted to the pictures of rooms that look so effortless, where everything "goes" but nothing matches. Same goes for fashion. Oh well. I guess even if I do get the fixture hardwired, the actual fixture itself will be relatively easy to change in the future if I ever find "the one." Having the electrician get the wiring into the walls and connect a switch is the hard part.
Stay tuned for more, I'm feeling chatty today.


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