Happy New Year!

A little chilly outside this morning. This fella seems to be all fluffed up and cozy while munching on his breakfast. While sipping my coffee this morning, I couldn't help but take some pictures of my plants all grouped by the window, with the whiteness of snow outside. They've all been moved into the dining room to make space for the Christmas tree in the living room. I've taken down the rest of the Christmas decorations already which is unusual for me. Most years I let the Christmasiness linger for a while into January. This year, however, I was itching to get started with the new year and start styling/decluttering/cleaning the house.

I have a vague sort of new year's resolution this year...

I have a tendency to come up with ideas or start projects and never see them through. I get easily distracted (damn you world of design blogs!) and recently have been getting stressed more than I should. I'm going to try harder to implement some of the many things I daydream about which I am hoping will lead to me feeling a little more positive and productive and a little less down and stressed. 2009 was a tough year and I'm really hoping 2010 will be a whole bunch better. I'm going to have a lot going on this year between work, wedding planning (!) and other personal stuff (maybe resurrecting my etsy shop), so I'll need to stay focused and keep moving forward. I'm going to be taking on quite a bit this year, and I hope it will prepare me to take on more projects in the future without getting overwhelmed, as I have a tendency to do. Here's to a happy, healthy and productive new year!


lillieinthecity said…
Love the photos of your plants and sunny window - cheers to 2010!

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