Vintage Finds!

I think I'm going to start a series on my blog of some of the vintage goodies I find yard saleing/thrift storing/craig's listing. This time of year I don't do as much of it, but during the warmer months we go out almost every weekend. Yesterday my Mom and I stopped by Northern Thrift which isn't my favorite thrift store for housewares, but it is the closest. I got one of those old school office file organizers - you know the expandible accordian style ones? - for $5. Not bad, though more than I would have spent at a yard sale (it is a somewhat pricey thrift store) but I have a thing for old school office supplies so you know...I also found this fabulous vintage modern silk armchair on craigs list! It's really more gold than orange and it will eventually go into my office/ craft space once the dining room is finished. That print is one I just got from Geninne on Etsy. I need to go get a mat for it so I can frame it. Usually Craig's list on LI is fairly sad- lots of bad 80's stuff, but someone in Melville is selling a bunch of fabulous furniture. This Peacock blue silk sofa is still for sale if anyone wants it. It's been covered in plastic for 30 years so the upolstry is in fantastic shape. The cushions may need some new foam, though. I wish I had a place for it it's so great! There is also a coffee table and matching end tables as well.


Anonymous said…
I really really (really) like that sofa! But since I'm nowhere near Long Island, I'll just admire from afar. :(
Elissa said…
Yeah, I wish I had a place for it myself. Oh well, hopefully it will find a good home.

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