(a photo of a work by Andy Goldsworthy, one of my favorite artists)
I finally got around to really reading Holly's Creativity series over at Decor8. I'm really glad she's doing this because sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in some sort of creative rut. I read lots of people's blogs and see all of the beautiful crafts they're doing and wonder why I can't seem to get anywhere creatively. Sometimes I say that it's because I have a "creative" job and that it saps all of the creative juices out of me, but I don't really think that's the case. Sure there is creativity involved in being an architect. Sometimes you can spend a whole day just trying to get the layout of a kitchen and mudroom to work (Seriously, it can be harder than it sounds). I don't feel like I'm being creative while doing it, I'm just doing my job, but there is a level of problem solving while keeping the aesthetics in mind that is creativity on some level. I do have ideas for projects or crafts that I'd like to do, I just have a hard time making them happen. There is always some hurdle that I have to get over that stops me from making progress. The hurdle isn't even usually something all that big, usually it's just enough so that something else will distract me and try to do that instead.
So far I've mind mapped, which was very helpful and I just returned from a walk around my neighborhood. I also finished reading the entry about journal-ing. Here's where I might run into trouble. I've never been one to journal. I probably have a half dozen journals somewhere with one or two entries in them. Even keeping up with a blog has been a challenge for me. I am going to try to keep a sketchbook with me at all times in the hopes that I will sketch and make notes more often. We'll see if that works. For now I'm going to put up a list of ideas I have in the public domain in hopes that it will motivate me to make progress on them. Here goes...
1. Organize a class for growing and preserving your own food
2. Look into working with the town to plant edibles in some public parks either through the Public Arts Initiative or through the parks program
3. Design and make a "decorators kit/pouch" for my own use and possible to sell on Etsy
4. Make more "Snoogis" pillows for Etsy
5. Start painting a watercolor a week (maybe I'll move up to one a day, but for now I'm starting small)


decor8 said…
This is wonderful, I'm so inspired by your dedication and your willingness to open new doors and travel down unexplored paths. I admire you so much, thank you for sharing this.


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