And the walls came tumbling down

Okay, maybe not tumbling, but we managed to completely rip out the closets that had been built in our dining room by the previous owners. Even though they took up less than 1/4 of the floor space, the room now feels twice as big. Besides removing the closets, we got rid of the extra wall that had made the opening between the office and dining room smaller that the original opening. The opening between the two rooms is now two feet wider and about a foot taller. The space feels huge! There's going to be a lot of repair work to both the plaster and the flooring where the closets were connected. The floors had been refinished after the closets were installed so that the floor where the walls were is a completely different color and about 1/16" higher than the rest of the floor (plus full of nail holes). Well, we'll see what we get done next weekend.(action shot of fiance bustin' though the wall)(me hammin' it for the camera)


Anonymous said…
Very nice! We'll be tearing out walls this summer in the living room--and putting them right back up again (they have a horrible texture on them)--I can't wait!

Do you (or your fiancee) have any experience with putting up new drywall by any chance?
Elissa said…
Not really. Most of our experience is in taking it down. Anything in particular you're looking to know? I've watched others do it many times.

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