Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adventures in Photoshopping

Here are some of my attempts to photoshop the curtains into the room to get a better feel for them. My photoshop skills are somewhat limited, but I think it gets the idea across.

Curtains from white Varen fabric

Curtains in chartreuese rose fabric

Curtains in Clematis fabric

Curtains in Jasmine fabric

ahh the balance between subtlety and boldness....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Curtain Call

I'm trying to make a decision on a fabric for our bedroom curtains. The top left pattern is from a set of sheets that I bought on sale that I will be turning into a duvet cover, the other seven are ones I like for curtains, but I can't decide which! I wanted to do full length curtains, but because we have a steam radiator under the right hand window, I figured that would be too much of a fire hazard. I had thought about roman shades, but even when they are open, they still hide the top of your window. I am going with cafe curtains which I know aren't typical in a bedroom, but I think they will work. They will cover the lower 2/3 of the window-I'm going to hang them above the sashlock, aligning with the first muntin (Thought I'd give you some architectural terms). This way they will provide privacy where we need it and let in the morning light above. I hate waking up in a dark bedroom, so I love having the sun peek in above the curtains. Plus, when laying in bed, I can look out and see the trees and sky. I can't decide if I want the curtains be neutral browns similar to my bedspread and duvet or if they should provide some color and contrast in the room. hmmmmm.....

any ideas?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our Bedroom

Other than painting the walls blue, I'm a little stuck as to how I'd like this room to come together. I want it to be calm and peaceful with a somewhat modern but mostly vintage-y feel. The bedspread I love, so it is definitely staying. It's a DKNY quilt with an all over daisy pattern embroidered onto it. The duvet however has to go. I got it back at our old place in an attempt to do a layered feel of silky pattered fabrics. However the two silky fabrics just slide against each other and every morning the duvet is on the floor. Eventually we would like to get an upolstered headboard and mount a more attractive shelf over the bed. We need the shelf because there is only a few inches on either side of the bed-not enought for a table. I'm getting some simple, cheap, white, matching, clip-on reading lights for either side of the bed until I can find some pretty wall mount lights. I have also toyed with the idea of either wallpapering or stencilling the wall behind the bed. I won't do that until I have a more coherent vision for the room.

Here are my temporary curtains for the room. I have ordered some nicer curtain rods with rings from Rejuvenation, but I can't decide on what fabric to make the curtains out of. I was thinking of this, but now I'm not sure.
Although I painted the room blue, I'm not really a big fan of the color blue in general. I've just seen a bunch of blue bedrooms on flickr (this, this, even this) and loved how soothing they were. I was hoping to almost treat the blue as a neutral background and have have the other items in the room "go" with blue, but not actually have any blue in them. My initial thought was to have everything be taupey-brown (like the bedspread) white and accents of green (hence the fabric selection), but now I'm not so sure on the green. The dresser on the right is this one so it's helping to contribute to the vintage-y feel. Once I refinish its mate, most of the stuff on top of the dresser will go on top of its mate in the closet, leaving an uncluttered space for some art and other pretty things.
Any suggestions?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Living Room

Here are a few shots of our living room as it looked a few days ago. I've painted the pipe to the left to match the wall since, but I haven't had a chance to take pictures. I can't believe I took a picture with the window sashes all misaligned. I usually make sure that all of the horizontal parts line up.

We painted the room using Olympic Paints from Lowes. I had wanted to use Yolo Colorhouse or Mythic paints or even AFM Safecoat, but there don't appear to be any retailers in my neck of the woods. The Olympic paint seemed to me to be at the crossroads of quality, lack of VOC's, price and convenience. I don't know how tough it will be, we chose the flat enamel instead of the regular flat paint in the hopes that it will wear better. The sheen is actually more of an eggshell rather than a flat so it does highlight some of our wall's imperfections (there are many). I actually had wanted something a little less green than this, something that would be a bit more of a background color, but we don't have the energy to repaint it so it will stay for now.

The curtains are from IKEA. We needed something inexpensive until we can afford to get something nicer. They were $30 / pair which is about as cheap as you can find for curtains this long. I can't say that I love them, I'm just hoping they grow on me. Once I get some real curtain rods, I will hang them from the flat part of the window trim above the window. I know the trend these days is to hang them from somewhere higher than the window to give visual height to the space, I think we have enought height already (the tops of the window are over 7'-6" above the floor), plus the trim is so pretty I didn't want it to be hidden behind curtains. As an architect, I'm a bit of a window nerd and don't like to hide pretty old windows behind heavy curtains which is why I tend to pick sheers for most places. They are probably too summery for this time of year, but I don't care.

I still don't have anything hanging on the walls yet. I don't want to make any holes in the plaster until I'm absolutely sure about what I'm hanging. Plus, once the picture rail hooks come from Rejuvenation, I can hang things without making any holes at all. I think picture rails are one of the greatest inventions. I know some people don't like the look of the exposed wire or cord that it hangs from and you can't do the random collage style of hanging pictures, but it does allow you to move pictures around the room without having to worry about patching holes.

I'm Ba-ack

I've been a very bad blogger recently, which was unfortunately the result of a two month journey to get my computer up and running and connected to the internet. It's not as easy as you would think! We bought our new old house just after Labor Day then spent a couple of weeks cleaning and painting before we moved in. After we had moved in we couldn't really unpack my computer for almost a month, partly because the boxes were buried and partly because there wouldn't really be anywhere to put it. Apparently when this house was built, one or two electrical outlets per room was enough and the few surfaces that a computer could be placed on didn't necessarily come anywhere close to the outlets. Our old place had a little built in desk that I made in the corner of the living room that we couldn't take with us so I began to search craigslist and the local thrift stores for a decent desk. People in cities have it so easy with craigslist! The selection out here is pretty sad. Eventually I gave up and went to IKEA and got a Melltorp dining room table which I absolutely love. It has a big, clean (well not at this very moment) white surface that I can do crafts on and still have room for my computer. I'm going to be posting some progress photos a bit later and probably be asking for some design advice too.
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