Adventures in Photoshopping

Here are some of my attempts to photoshop the curtains into the room to get a better feel for them. My photoshop skills are somewhat limited, but I think it gets the idea across.

Curtains from white Varen fabric

Curtains in chartreuese rose fabric

Curtains in Clematis fabric

Curtains in Jasmine fabric

ahh the balance between subtlety and boldness....


bungalow_bliss said…
Love the last two, with the jasmine coming in just a hair ahead.

Nice work with PS. It really helps visualize the end product before committing!
Elissa said…
Thanks! I decided to go with the Jasmine in grey. I was afraid it was going to look too washed out and blah, but when the sample came it had a lot bolder than I expected. I got some of the Wallpaper Roses in lime as well to make a throw pillow for the bed. Hopefully it will arrive by this weekend so that I can make them and post pictures next Monday.

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