I'm Ba-ack

I've been a very bad blogger recently, which was unfortunately the result of a two month journey to get my computer up and running and connected to the internet. It's not as easy as you would think! We bought our new old house just after Labor Day then spent a couple of weeks cleaning and painting before we moved in. After we had moved in we couldn't really unpack my computer for almost a month, partly because the boxes were buried and partly because there wouldn't really be anywhere to put it. Apparently when this house was built, one or two electrical outlets per room was enough and the few surfaces that a computer could be placed on didn't necessarily come anywhere close to the outlets. Our old place had a little built in desk that I made in the corner of the living room that we couldn't take with us so I began to search craigslist and the local thrift stores for a decent desk. People in cities have it so easy with craigslist! The selection out here is pretty sad. Eventually I gave up and went to IKEA and got a Melltorp dining room table which I absolutely love. It has a big, clean (well not at this very moment) white surface that I can do crafts on and still have room for my computer. I'm going to be posting some progress photos a bit later and probably be asking for some design advice too.


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