Our Bedroom

Other than painting the walls blue, I'm a little stuck as to how I'd like this room to come together. I want it to be calm and peaceful with a somewhat modern but mostly vintage-y feel. The bedspread I love, so it is definitely staying. It's a DKNY quilt with an all over daisy pattern embroidered onto it. The duvet however has to go. I got it back at our old place in an attempt to do a layered feel of silky pattered fabrics. However the two silky fabrics just slide against each other and every morning the duvet is on the floor. Eventually we would like to get an upolstered headboard and mount a more attractive shelf over the bed. We need the shelf because there is only a few inches on either side of the bed-not enought for a table. I'm getting some simple, cheap, white, matching, clip-on reading lights for either side of the bed until I can find some pretty wall mount lights. I have also toyed with the idea of either wallpapering or stencilling the wall behind the bed. I won't do that until I have a more coherent vision for the room.

Here are my temporary curtains for the room. I have ordered some nicer curtain rods with rings from Rejuvenation, but I can't decide on what fabric to make the curtains out of. I was thinking of this, but now I'm not sure.
Although I painted the room blue, I'm not really a big fan of the color blue in general. I've just seen a bunch of blue bedrooms on flickr (this, this, even this) and loved how soothing they were. I was hoping to almost treat the blue as a neutral background and have have the other items in the room "go" with blue, but not actually have any blue in them. My initial thought was to have everything be taupey-brown (like the bedspread) white and accents of green (hence the fabric selection), but now I'm not so sure on the green. The dresser on the right is this one so it's helping to contribute to the vintage-y feel. Once I refinish its mate, most of the stuff on top of the dresser will go on top of its mate in the closet, leaving an uncluttered space for some art and other pretty things.
Any suggestions?


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