We've got ourselves a chalkboard wall!

I love the way it turned out. Nice and smudgy. I think I may go with a light gray for the rest of the walls which will help tie it in a bit. I had plans for where I could put some chalkboard paint when we re-do our kitchen, but I realized that it was going to be a long way off and I didn't want to wait! My fiance painted it one day while I was at work then we had to wait three days before we could condition it and write on it. That was a long three days. It seems to work pretty well. Considering that we didn't really do any prep work (we probably should have scraped and sanded the wall first) the surface isn't too bad. It's not smooth, but you can write on it fairly well and it erases well enough- not perfectly, but I like it better that way.Here it is pre-conditioning. The matte black is also a really cool look. I never thought that I could get behind black walls, but they are really growing on me. I'd like to install a shelf up by the ceiling to display my vintage toasters, but I haven't fully decided where. One option is to put it over the two doors to the left of this picture in that little niche, the other is straight across the top of the black wall. I like the idea of putting it at the top of the black wall so they can stand out with a black background. I'd like to paint the shelf black to match the wall so that it blends in and looks more modern. My fiance would rather it be stained to match the wood paneling below. I don't know how I feel about that. I think it may draw too much attention to both the shelf and the paneling. It's going to support it with a pair of vintage cast iron brackets that I have that won't stand out too much, but they will be visible. What do you think? Black, natural wood, no shelf at all?


Alana in Canada said…
It looks so fabulous the way it is, I think that a shelf will just clutter it up.

Definitely paint the yellow walls a warm gray!

Can you show us the other wall you were considering for the shelf?
Elissa said…
My mom had suggested the little section of wall above the two wood panel doors to the left of the chalkboard wall, just to the right of the refrigerator. Either that or I could install a bunch of small shelves next to the window over the breakfast table- stacked up on top of each other. That would be a lot more work though.
Jewels said…
Love your blog. Just found it purely by accident. :)
I just gave our daughter's bedroom closet doors the chalkboard paint treatment a few weeks ago, and she LOVES it! I've got a bit of it left, and want to paint a small wall in our kitchen. After seeing this, I want a whole wall too! ;)
merly k said…
oh man, I'm SO jealous of your chalkboard wall!! I'm a renter now, and will be for quite awhile, so unfortunately no chalkboard walls in my future. Instead I'm going to take those cheap silver food trays that you can get a party supply store, and use chalkboard paint on that with some cool adornments like flowers made from old book pages.. Obviously I did not come up with that on my own, but saw it on apartment therapy ;)
Elissa said…
Merly- The trays sound like a great idea, plus they have the added benefit of being movable and magnetic!
Anonymous said…
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