Miscellaneous Weekend Updates

I hope no one is expecting any sort of theme or common thread for this post because, there isn't one.

Above is the extent of our carrot harvest for this year. We planted them late in the season and didn't really care for them in any way except for watering them so I guess we really shouldn't have expected any better. We wanted to leave them in as long as we could so they would have a chance to grow but it's starting to get chilly and we figured they weren't going to grow much more at this point. The colors sure are pretty, though.
I got this shelf at a yard sale a few weeks ago and I've been trying to decide what to do with it. I was thinking off painting it white and hanging it in the kitchen with some of the cute kitchen stuff I used to have on display at the old place. I'm generally in the "don't paint it" crowd, but the detail seems to get a bit lost in the darkness and the shelves are a bit banged up around the edges. I'm afraid to do it though, because you can't really undo it. I don't think it's valuable but it does look a bit tramp art or folk art-y. I don't know, maybe I'll just let it sit on the floor of my kitchen for a few more weeks. I'll probably do that anyway.
And finally, here's my tablecloth. For now at least. I gave up and bought the sheet at Ikea for $5 and hemmed it. It works fine for now. I might stencil a pattern on it if I can decide on one, but until then it does its job.


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