Down the Driveway

The bushes along my driveway have been so beautiful for the past week or so, but I wasn't able to get a photo of them until yesterday when the sun finally decided to show itself for a while. I think I'd like to plant more white flowering plants along the left side to balance it out and make the experience of walking (or even driving) through that much better. I don't know what type of bushes most of them are. There are honeysuckles which are obvious, but the other two types are a bit of a mystery to me. Does anyone know what these are? They aren't too exciting for most of the year, but in June they are beautiful!
I'm also a bit obsessed with the moss in my driveway. I know it's probably not good for the asphalt it's growing on, but it's just so pretty. It makes the driveway feel a bit more like a garden path than a regular driveway. Look at all the different varieties and shades of green. It would make for an interesting abstract painting, or maybe not so abstract.


Bromeliad said…
Nice. I like moss, weeds and lichen, too.
Elissa said…
For anyone who may be curious, the feathery one is called deutzia and the one that looks a bit like apple blossoms is a type of viburnum.

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