Thrift Score!

I made out pretty well today at the local St. Vincent de Paul. Apparently they had just put this table out and it was only $28! It has a fairly sloppy paint job that I'll probably strip off to get to the finish underneath, but for now I think it still looks pretty cool. It will be the reverse of all the DIY projects that you usually see that involve taking an old piece of furniture with a decent but not pristine finish and painting it some odd color. I'm starting out with the odd color paint job and will be going back to the wood (probably).I also got my Geninne print back from the framing place where I was having a mat cut. I put it in this scavenged frame and I think it turned out pretty nice. Now I have to find my picture wire to hang it.Here's a few oddball items I found at a yard sale this morning. A book of etiquette from 1922 to go with my 1945 issue of Emily Post, a catchall type thing carved out of a big chunk of wood and a miniature Eames chair. I'll probably never have the real thing, but now I can have a little one to look at.A handfull of drink holders that stick into the ground. I'll have to start having garden parties now.Random plastic tray. I just liked it and figured you can't have too many trays, right (please tell me I'm right 'cause I'm starting to have quite a few)And finally, a Russel Wright serving platter for only $2. Not bad huh?


Anonymous said…
That table is suh-weet!
Anonymous said…
Awesome table! nice thrifting! And I also really like those crazy drink holders! I think I should try to score some to put around our new fire pit in our yard! Really like your blog, too! My fiance and I are always looking for inspiration for our new first home! we have a blog detailing all our home projects and inspiration here, so check it out:

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