Over the holidays we made some progress on the house. I got a bunch of sewing projects done and the two of us managed to cut a hole in the wall between the foyer and my office.
Please ignore the boxspring at the right of the photo, it will be going out to the curb this afternoon. One of the joys of old houses is that when designing stairways, they never imagined the existence of any bed larger than a full size having to be carried up the stairs. We wound up having to get a split boxspring and squishing the mattress to get it up to the bedroom. Having this opening makes the house feel so much bigger. I am keeping an eye out for some vintage french doors that I could put there which is why we haven't put up any trim around the opening. If I find a pair of oak french doors, I'll want to make the opening match the width of the doors. That way, in the future this could be used as a guest room or at least have the option of some sound privacy when the TV is on in the living room across the way.You may remember that the bed was previously looking like this. It's a small change, but it helps the room feel more together. Funny thing is that the pillow cover, even with the yo-yo's took less time than any of the other sewing projects I did.Here are the curtains I finally finished and the painting I got for Christmas by Karen Ponelli. I apologize for the quality of the photograph. There is an incredibly small window of time when there is enough light in the room to get a decent picture. You can see the painting in detail here. The next project in line is to convert the small pantry in our mudroom into a coat closet. I have everything I need to do it, now I just need to set aside some time.


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