Christmas Projects

Now that everyone's gotten their Christmas presents, I can share with you what we made. Gifts this year we a mix of homemade, homemade by somebody else and store bought. We made a bunch of soy candles in various vintage containers that I had laying around, some tinsel wreaths I found on Creature Comforts and batch of cranberry orange liqueur that I found on the Kitchn. They all turned out really well. The tinsel wreaths were actually the biggest hit and they were the easiest to make.

I had a little fun with the labels on the liqueur. Not the most innovative of designs, but they're cute. I'd love to learn a bit more about graphic design, maybe take a class at a local college, or something. In the mean time I'll just keep playing around with Photoshop. Maybe I'll try to teach myself Illustrator. Anyone know of a good tutorial book?


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