Random Updates

Random things going on these days:

I finally started watching Mad Men. I know, I'm about three years late. I didn't want to jump in in the middle of the second or third season, I wanted to start from the beginning. I kept checking the library to see if they had it but it was perpetually checked out- all three copies. Finally, I put in a request and got a call a few months later that it was in. We've watched seven episodes so far and I'm completely hooked. LOVE the costumes and sets though I wonder if they are exaggerating the extent of drinking/smoking while pregnant/at work/in the car etc. for effect. Either way, I'm loving the show.

I've also gotten hooked on the Fabulous Beekman Boys. At first the reality show format turned me off a bit, but the show has really grown on me. Plus, their farm is only a half hour away from my parents place upstate, so I recognize a lot of the places they feature on the show.

My mom found us a 100 year old wood storm door to replace the hideous aluminum one on the front of our house. We've been spending way more time getting it ready to hang than I expected. Of course it was an inch too wide so we had to trim it down to fit and since nothing with an old house is straight forward, plumb or level, once we cut it down we discovered that it was a quarter of an inch too small on the top, but just right on the bottom. We fixed that problem, but then discovered that the panel with the glass panes that fits into the door itself, doesn't actually fit. It has been painted so many times that it no longer fits in its opening. We've done a bunch of scraping (by "we" I mean Chris) but there's still more to do. We're going to be borrowing a plane from my dad this weekend to get this thing finished (hopefully). Once we're done getting it to fit, then comes time to paint it.

This is the color we picked to paint it and the front door itself-whenever we get there. When my mom asked me what sort of color I chose, I told her a "vintage-y green, but bold." Her reply? "Well that's a surprise." I guess I'm fairly predictable in some ways. As soon as I have some pictures worth looking at, I'll show them to you all.


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