Geez Louise!

It's been two whole months since my last post! I've had a bunch going on around here- not like that's anything new, but I guess it's been more than the usual amount. Anyway, I wanted to share some of my yardsaling loot with you. I made out pretty well today.

I thought my score of the day was this cool watercolor painting presumably from the 20s...
but then I found this beauty.
Isn't she sweet! She's a Triumph bicycle from, I'm guessing, the 50s. There isn't a date on the hub like the website says there should be, so I need to do a bit more research to find out.
She's very Eeeenglish, actually. I think every part says "Made in England" on it. She needs some work, the tires are shot and the rear brakes are a bit sticky, but she's in pretty good shape. The only missing part is one of the rubber handle grips.

I guess I have one more project to add to my list!


Bromeliad said…
I love old bikes.

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