Thank you to Victoria over at sfgirlbybay for featuring me in her friends & neighbors and welcome to anyone visiting me for the first time! If anyone is wondering, I haven't had a chance to do anything with this chair other than clean it. Someday I will repair or replace the hinge at the base and reupholster the vinyl. I love the color, but it has a lot of tears in it. Anyone know a way to glue or otherwise repair vinyl? For now it lives with a throw draped over it to hide the holes (which you can see in my messy office here).


Congrats on the awesome find!!! I'm seriously envious right now haha!!
Elizabeth said…
Hello! I just made my way over from design sponge. Love your find! I hope you enjoy it in your home someday soon. In my neighborhood we have a weekend were everyone throws out whatever they want. Last year I picked up a Herman Miller chair! My best score yet ;)


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