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I recently read a post on decor8 and got me thinking about my own personal style and how "all over the place" it is. I've been spending some time looking through my flickr favorites (which I use mostly as a place to collect my favorite rooms) and other images I've saved to try to see what the common elements or themes are. It's really difficult because my taste tends to be.. let's call it eclectic okay?

I've been struggling with my living room since we moved in. I've disliked the color we painted it pretty much since the paint dried (I liked it better wet). My fiance won't let me repaint since it's one of only three rooms that has been painted since we moved in and he says we can paint it once we finish the others. Fair point, but I spend a lot of time in the living room and it bugs me whenever I'm in there. I'm trying to figure out what would make the room more reflective of my personal style and not just whatever trend I happen to be into this week.
designed by autobandominodesire to inspire
These three probably have more in common with each other than would be typical of my "favorites", probably because I picked them out this morning. I've noticed, while going through my favorites, that I don't have too many living rooms picked out. Tons of kitchens and bathrooms and a few bedrooms, but not too many living rooms. I guess I have a pretty strong idea of what I would like in a kitchen (simple, natural materials, classic, has patina, etc.) but not so much with living rooms. I suppose those terms could describe what I like in a living room, but I also like a mix of classic/ vintage and modern furnishings in a "vintage" space. We have the "vintage" space, but I'd like to enhance its vintagey-ness (no, I know that's not a word but I'm using it anyway). Now I need to get the right mix of vintage and modern stuff.

I have the desire to paint it a yummy brown like the last photo, but I think that has something to do with the fact that it's been pretty chilly around here the past couple of days. I'm not sure I'd like that color so much in July. I need something fairly neutral so I can play with color with the accessories and not be too locked into a color scheme.
I apologize for the darkness of these photos. It's morning, the living room is on the northwest corner of the house and it's a gloomy day on top of that. I think it looks better in photos than I fell about it when I'm in there, but these photos also help me to realize what needs to be changed. The lamp to the right of the sofa looks a bit lost while the corner with the Barcelona chair looks a bit cluttered. The white leather and chrome chair looks somehow insubstantial as well, but there's not room for a bigger chair there. The coffee table is on the small side. I found a possible replacement for that on Craigslist (below), but my fiance thinks it's too expensive and too fancy for our living room.Any suggestions? I've got other things around the house and still unpacked in the basement that I can switch out, I'm just not sure what will make it work.


My Owl Barn said…
Your blog is perfect. I love all things vintage. I'll come back. It's my first time today :)
Elizabeth said…
i love the wall colour!
maybe a white chenille bedspread to cover the couch, move the magazines and books from under the coffee table to the floor under the side table beside the couch, a couple of red cushions to tie the couch and carpet together, check the tile store for a good sized pretty tile with white and red and turquoise to cover most of the coffee table top. (i used old slate roofing tiles on mine) this might tie that corner together a bit more :-)
Bromeliad said…
I guess kitchens and bathrooms are easier because half of the things about them are already locked down - where as a living room is totally freestyle.
Just start painting the living room, what's he going to do? LOL

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