I heart encaustic tile

Okay, usually the "I heart" expression annoys me, but today l like it. I have had this recent obsession with encaustic tile. I love the matte-ness of it and some of the patterns it comes in are lovely. Some look Victorian while others are more Mediterranean, there are even more modern patterns. I would love to use this in our mudroom once we get there since that's probably the only room we'd be able to afford to put them in. At 4'-6" x 4'-6" I'm not sure if it even qualifies as a room. Our house was built around 1915 so it's a little late for Victorian style, but I think I could pull it off, especially if the rest of the room was kept pretty simple. I'm thinking beadboard walls, a bunch of hooks and a bench - oh, and a stained glass window I got at a yard sale.
Here are a few more from Villa Lagoon Tile.

So what do you think? Too much for a small mudroom in a small bungalow? Just right?


Just right ! Of course I am going to day that. I love the tile.

Thank you for mentioning my company.

You should see my little home office, it is only 9 tiles wide and 11 tiles long but they are fabulous and everyone who sees it goes "WOW.. fantastic floor".

And it even has a pattern field tile, a border and cut solids at the wall...so anything is possible.

The photo that you used of the taupe, white and black Foliage tile is in my bathroom, which is another small room and it works perfectly.

So I say...have fun, Go For It !!

Thanks tons, Lundy
Clare said…
No, fabulous x

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