Grey Gardens

I just need to thank Jean over at Renovation Therapy/ I Love Upstate for introducing me to the bizarre wonder that is Grey Gardens. I'm not sure how I had never heard of this before having grown up on Long Island, but when I first saw her Grey Gardens contest a while back, I had no idea what it was. I wasn't able to look into it back then, but last week I borrowed it from the library and I watched it last night. All I can say is "wow." It's fascinating. I think I may need to watch it again to get a better grasp. I feel like one watching was only scratching the surface. Anyway, that's all for now.


Anonymous said…
You should check out Grey Gardens Online. It is chock full of great info. The address is
LOL Dontcha love it? We keep the movie loaded on our ipod, you can sort of jump in at any point and find something new & fascinating.

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