Living Room Ideas

This is the first time I've ever designed with a graphic sort of "design board." In my apartment, the design always just evolved. As I found cool stuff at yard sales, the room would change. Occasionally I would find the need to "tie things together" or "mix things up" depending on which way the room is going. Since our apartment has more furniture than it can hold, we shouldn't need to get much more once we move in- which is good since we won't be able to afford it. I'm planning on using most of the stuff that is currently in our living room, but thankfully the walls won't be panelled. This color is similar to the one on my one painted wall in my current LR, just slightly greener and less blue. Right now I'm wanting to paint each room a different shade of green. Something light and fresh in the living room, a more springy yellow green in the kitchen to make it cheery. I'd like a more saturated green in the Foyer since it is a room that you just pass through, plus it has darker trim than the rest of the house, so I think it can handle it and in the bedroom a soft bluish, greyish green- something very soothing. My favorite colors are red and green, but I don't want the house to look Christmas-y. I figure green is more soothing and livable for the walls and I can punch it up (I hate that expression) with the red in the rugs and accessories.
Here's a photo of a part of the living room. Unfortunately I don't have a good full room shot. It has a picture rail towards the top of the wall which is cool. I've always wanted one of those (I know, I'm wierd). I want to get some of those old-fashioned picture hooks to hang artwork from. The rug, sofa, Barcelona chair and pillow by Olive, are all in my living room now and I also have some bookshelves and a tv stand that will probably also be in here. Hopefully this will all work together and I won't be tired of it too quickly. What do you think? Any suggestions?


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