Friday, my upstairs neighbor and I both got notices from our landlord that they would not be renewing our leases and that we had to be out by the end of our lease which is June 14th. We don't know what the real reason is (they gave some lame-a** excuses) but we think they want to move in themselves or at least move their "children" (they're in their late 20's and still living at home) in while they do construction on their own house. I don't mind them wanting the house for themselves, it is their house after all, but it's the complete lack of courtesy for long term tenants (I've lived there almost 8 years!) and short notice that pisses me off! So, I finally finished my apartment therapy (well, almost) and now we have to move out. At least we purged a bunch of items during the process. We'll probably sell more before we go. Anybody want a red pleather 60's couch?



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